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Monday, March 07, 2005

Ch ch ch chaaaanges

Hello anonymous internet masses(+ friends & family)

It has been a while since my last update. I have been very busy in my working & home life and haven't had the time to post any updates. "Must try harder" was a familiar comment on my report cards at school.


Spring Clean - Bought myself a fantastic gadget phone that will make it even easier to update my blog, best thing is that I justified this extravagance by raising the money entirely from selling crap from my attic! 400 from stuff I would have chucked out! Fantastic. Feels good. Penny, realising the opportunity to make money of out thin air, is continuing this practice and is helping pay the bills with minimal effort.

Money - I sat down with Pen and worked out a fantastic financial plan that will free me from the weighty shackles of my mortgage in a very short time frame. Just need 4 sticks of dynamite and an AK-47, no.. seriously - I am getting closer to freedom - God I can't wait. I cannot stand the "Buy now pay later" culture we currently live in, every other advert on TV is promoting faster and more efficent ways to get people further in debt, I am determined not to be a part of it.

Fitness - Our dining room door is graced with a colourful chart reminding us that weight loss is a key objective for the next 6 months. <sigh> God I miss Pringles. On the plus side. Both Penny & I have lost - wait for it - 9 lbs each! In a couple of weeks it will be a whole stone at this rate. How? Just eat fruit instead of sweets & cakes, cut down on fatty food (turkey instead of chicken, grilled not fried), eat less white bread & potato, each more salad, try and take 10000 steps in any one day (requires pedometer). Believe me, I feel better for it and it is easy.

The Kid:

As for Rip, I have this overwhelming feeling that if I blink I will miss some part of his development. He laughs and giggles. Picks up objects and passes them from hand to hand - invariably stuffing them in his mouth. He is so close to his first really big milestone - rolling over onto his front. Doesn't sound like much but it is frustrating watching him rocking backwards and forwards and almost making it. Once he gets over he will then work out crawling, the first steps come next, a few months later and my chimney sweeping business will really take off ;)

Rip has now had 2 swimming lessons. Which involves floating him around the local baby pool for an hour, splashing water on his face and dunking him right under. Sounds cruel but he loves it. Hasn't cried once and often pops out of the water with a silly surpised smile on his face.

The Important Things in Life:

As you know, I am a bit of a "heart of my sleeve" type - and I know that can seem fake to people that don't know me. But my family have continued to be fantastic. Dad has visited twice and is very attached to Rip (as Rip is to him). Pen's Mum and Dad are always helping and continue to be invaluable. Mum is never off the phone to me, and Kieron although spending time in hospital is planning a visit as soon as he is well. As for Penny she has been fantastic, she has taken to parenthood far quicker than me. Ripley has vocal moments that would make an Brazilian Howler Monkey jump 3 foot in the air, Penny smiles and gets on with it and I know that her role in our relationship is much more challenging than my daily grind plus she still finds time to do freelance design work!

Also, we made the dramatic decision to sell the sports car, it practically encourages my bad driving so I am going to downgrade to a Smart Fortwo (cheap to run, slow as hell, cool) - hell, if you find yourself fitting a demographic you might as well not do it by half measures - I am all for form over function - I am a dedicated follower of fad yuppie fashions - the only difference between me and everyone else is that I am not deluding myself, in the words of Popeye - "I yam what I yam" - wise words indeed from the pipe smoking spinach junky.



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