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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Happy New Year

I enjoyed new year's eve at home with Penny & Ripley. We always go out on New Year's eve, but not this time and that was fine with us. It was nice staying in with the family & watching the fireworks outside our window.

Personal Resolutions

Stop swearing - It's not big or clever but I work with a lot of stressed blokes and we deal with a lot of total idiots, I will try to limit my vocabulary to the family section of the dictionary - "Goodness me, what the flipping heck are you talking about you total flipping twit"
No More Road Rage - Heh heh.. yeah right. I managed to break this one (and the last one come to think of it) within 10 minutes of my journey to work this morning. But I will try not to get irratated by fools on the road, it isn't my problem. As the DVLA say "try to imagine you are all part of one big team and your project is to get to your destination" - hahahhahahahahaahaaaa priceless, corporate bullshit language creeps into everything nowadays.
Declutter - This will make Penny happy also. I WILL chuck out my junk, I will sell my 200 Watt PA system from my former life as a front man, I will get rid of any gadgets I don't use - eBay here they come.
Reduce the Mortgage - This really should be at the top of the list, I WILL formulate a plan to pay off my mortgage in 9 years minimum. I don't want to have any debt by the time Rip goes to secondary school & Uni. In England only the rich can get a proper higher education, that is why our professional people are such morons and you have geniuses working in KFC.
Learn to play the Piano - This has been on my list for about 5 years, but you never know. I suppose a cheap option would be to buy a USB piano keyboard for my PC and learn that way.. hmm.
Stay in contact with Family - I have made a good start on this already by sending a new year card to everyone and including a DVD of Ripley.

Career Resolutions

Get CISSP certification - Easy to get, hard to find the time to revise.
Finish SCSA certification - This is the last important UNIX exam I have to complete.

Happy New Year


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