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Friday, December 03, 2004

And the Name is...

Worked from home the other day so that I could escort Pen & Rip to the register office. Rip has a name now! So I guess we will have to stop calling him baby. His name is:

Ripley Thomas Howarth

Penny put her foot down, probably bored of the wasted evenings talking about potential middle names, so Thomas was the name of choice. I like it, my only reservations are:

1) It is 2 syllables. Ripley (2) Thomas (2) Howarth (2) - doesn't roll very well.
2) R T Howarth ? R T ? Arty! Oh well.. he might be arty I suppose (better than RC which ironically he is at the moment)
3) I wanted Danger to be his middle name :D

As you can tell we have been thinking about this a lot :)

Penny is unwell at the moment. I feel bad, I have to work so Penny is looking after the baby when she really should be resting and getting better. I help as much as I can without it affecting my work + Penny's parents are a great help, I can tell they are really getting attached to Ripley.


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