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Sunday, November 07, 2004

Sitting in Hospital

Well here we are - sitting in the maternity wing on Sunday afternoon - it's not what you think.

Pen woke up and felt hot, she was complaining of swollen feet & hands which is unusual for her. The surgery was closed & the midwife unavailable, so we wandered to Boots to get her blood pressure checked. As we suspected it was higher than normal. So here we are.

Nothing to worry about but best to have these things checked.

Pen is lying next to me on a ward bed & I am sitting in a faux leather chair. We are surrounded by at least four other prenatal couples, it is hard to tell, our bed is the only one with curtains open. Opposite we listen to a woman crying, vomitting & groaning, while next to us the loud drumming beat of a baby heart monitor is making us tense. The scene is lit by sickly buzzing neon tubes.

Anyway - no sign of a doctor in this surreal ward - in for a long wait I feel. Oh widwife has arrived - signing off.


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