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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Ripley, why Ripley?

Ripley seems to be a name that people love or hate. People have asked where did the name comes from. First let me explain...

Where it did NOT come from:

1) Alien - No. As much as I love the alien killing antics of Lt. Ripley (I even own the ltd ed DVD box set and am a bit of a geek about the films) this is not the reason I like the name. Anyway Ripley is a girl I hear you cry! Well for your info, the first draft of the script for Alien had Ripley as a male character, as Ripley is a male name. Later drafts cast the role as female, the name remained but was changed to the surname instead - Lt. Ripley.

2) The Talented Mr Ripley - No. Didn't really like this film, at the end of the day who is going to name their kid after a homosexual psychopath. Again, the characters name was Tom Ripley - Ripley being the surname again.

3) Blackpool (BBC Drama) - No. That was a bit weird, as soon as we decide on a name along comes a BBC drama (very odd one) where the main character is called Ripley Holden. Well, we thought of it first :)

4) Ripley's Believe it or Not - No. Nobody in England really knows about this guy, it is an American phenomenon. For the benefit of UK audience, this Ripley's work is a cross between - The Guiness Book of Records, a comic and a freakshow.


We wanted above most things for the name to

1) Be a little unusual without being daft

2) Be "old English" in origin.

3) Shorten down to a cool nickname.

Long Story Short:

We were watching a film (not a great one) called Dodgeball starring Rip Torn, I remember saying that is a cool nickname to Pen. So we got out the book to try and find what Rip might be short for. We saw Ripley, we saw it was English in origin & in a second our minds were made up. So I guess the slightly sad fact is Rip Torn gave us the idea - his real name is not Ripley though, it is Elmore Raul Torn - Rip is his obvious nickname.

So who likes it and who hates it?

Let me say - I truely don't give a crap. But here is what I have noticed;

Like Camp:

1) My friends & work colleagues were always quick to take the piss out of all my name suggestions, Ripley was the only one that everyone really thought was unique and cool.

2) When ever I met people I had not met before and would never meet again, I introduced myself as Ripley (just to get a feel for it). The reaction was always positive. I tried this technique on various names we were considering, but Ripley felt right. While on a stag night with a good Friend called Dan Gilbert, some ladies at a Gentlemen's club we were frequenting liked it the best - good or bad - not sure.

3) Penny's parents like it alot, although they never really said as they didn't want to influence us either way, they enthused about it after we had made up our own minds, considerate as usual.

Hate Camp:

1) My Mum & Dad both Hate it. Dad is threatening to refuse to call him it. I love my Dad and respect his opinion, but even his dislike for the name hasn't put me off it, so from his perspective his actions have had a negative effect as I feel stronger about the name. Mum thinks it sounds like Rippley, as in, the sea is a bit rippley :) Ahh well (Her name is Elva which ain't exactly mainstream :) )

2) People too polite to say otherwise :)

One final thing...

He looks like a Ripley! Obvious really, should have said that at the beginning.

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