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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Riding the Rollercoaster

Wow, my earlier analogy of waiting for a kid being like queuing for a Rollercoaster was spot on, cos now I am riding it (emotionally). Last night at 3am was a low, I was at home asleep and the mobile sounded, Penny was distraught, I won't go into details but sometimes when you are tired and the kid is crying you start crying too. I calmed Penny down (remarkably quicky I was proud to say). I put the phone down and felt so useless, I turned of the light and my thoughts built up and a wave of panic rushed over me, consumed every part of my head, I turned on the light and run into the bathroom, not sure why, maybe felt like I was going to be sick or something else. I sat and waited for logic to take over - I am not alone. I was right - I am so lucky to have so many people who want to help and that fact cheered me up. I managed to get to sleep. The bright sunny day that presented itself made me feel truely excellent and whats more, after the call, Penny got 5 hours sleep and felt 100% better, the kid have even learned a few extra facial expressions (not just Monkey) - Photos later I promise, meanwhile Pen's parents are cooking me real food! FANTASTIC.

One last thing, 60 or 70 text messages from friends and family! Wow! Also My Mum, StepDad & Bro came 300 miles to surprise visit! Fantastic to see them! Stunned.
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