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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Hopeless Bleak Despair.

Sorry about all the self pity of late. I really didn't think people read this. I have received 3 e-mails so far from people telling me to cheer up & got the impression that maybe they are just a touch upset that I feel I lack communication with friends. I have great friends! I wasn't suggesting I didn't. I just don't have as much access to them as I would like. As Mike reminded me, I should call more, I am crap like that. As for family, although my direct family are many miles away, I am not to saying I don't love having my inlaws around, as I mentioned before they are a great couple and I am glad to be part of the clan. I think I was a bit tired and I know I was a little depressed (feeling better now), things get to me when I get like that, I have a great deal to be thankful for.

This blog is about me and my life within my new family, it is 100% honest unless it encroaches on the privicy of other individuals in which case details will be skipped & names changed :) I guess it is a little perverse, a diary that anyone can view, but hey this is my way of expressing my feelings (as strange as that may seem) and I find it surprisingly cleansing. I am comfortable that my friends, family (and indeed the anonymous internet cloud) read this blog, keep feeding back your comments.

In the words of "They Might be Giants" :-

Hopeless bleak despair
It was always there
And then one day it disappeared
In a puff of smoke
In an unceremonious way
One day it disappeared

- and it has - until the next time :)


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