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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Dummies Everywhere

Dummies are great. Here is why; At 8:30pm yesterday evening the clouds darkened thunder clapped and his eyes turned red (dramatisation), he was however; hungry, tired, bored, a touch colicy & very damp. Nappy changes during this time are always a little traumatic for all involved. Bring out the secret weapon. Popped the dummy in his mouth and he calmed down. Did the entire change without a peep from the little chap. Removed the dummy and gave him his food, he was great.

.o0(I wonder if I will ever curse the day I gave him a dummy - hmmmm)

My job has destablised. When the earthquake stops I will either be standing tall or dead under a pile of rumble. Sod's law - just when you need stablity, something starts the boat rocking. Anyway - it could end up being good news in the long run, no point being pessimist, but it is hard when you are tired.

In other news, CENSORED


At 4:55 PM, Blogger KiTT said...

Correction.. Dad is very forgiving.. that was a rash comment and I apologise (Dad is threatening not to leave me his collection of rocks in his will) :)


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