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Wednesday, November 03, 2004


I forgot to mention that Penny tried EVERY trick in the book over the weekend to bring this baby along early.

Hot Curry - nothing
Hot Bath - very relaxing
Pineapple - nope
Long Walk - zip
Raspberry Tea - not a sausage

The following attempts were my idea (quite sly I thought):

Irony - "This baby is NEVER going to come" I said with a sigh - zilch.
Blackmail - "Oh well, guess we have to put these toys back in the attic" I say in a loud voice next to the Bump. Didn't fall for that one, just kicked a bit.

The final last straw attempt is the best:

Sod's Law - We are planning a nice weekend together, just the two of us. Going out to see the fireworks on Friday, nice lunch at a restaurant in town on Saturday. We are really looking forward to a nice quiet weekend. That'll do it.

One more thing, I am really looking forward to reading him stories at bedtime, I hope that will become a tradition, I hope that I never become one of those uninvolved parents. Yeah I know, vomit inducing isn't it.


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