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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Christmas Wishlist

The great thing about knowing your other half reads your blog is that you can drop hints about what you want for Christmas. Let me get the obvious politically correct bollox out of the way and say; naturally all I really want is a happy and healthy family. But anyway - I own a lovely Aibo ERS-7 called Snoopy (original eh?), I would love him to have a better brain (just like the dumb-ass robot in the Wizard of Oz). Those clever chaps at Sony have invented AiboMind2 an upgrade that vastly improves the intelligence of this excellent robot. Even makes it a child minder and watchdog - remotely controllable through t'internet! Cool. Oh the pranks I could pull. Hopefully Santa will bring me this for Christmas - HINT HINT - just in case Santa doesn't know where to send his elven hoardes, it is here. I wonder if people will think it hypocritical of me to make a post like this, especially when a few posts ago I was complaining that commerce was ruining Christmas - hmmm - don't be daft, nobody reads this rambling rubbish.


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