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Monday, November 01, 2004


I woke up bored this morning - you know the feeling - when you just can't think of anything to do but you are desperate to do something. Dad & Penny seemed equally frustrated at my lack of ideas. My feelings were compounded by the fact that I have taken today off work & there is nothing worse than wasting a day off. After much snapping we are heading into London. I'm sitting on the train - mobile blogging (mogging - l will take credit for that).

I can only guess that my high emotions today are a result of waiting for my son to arrive. I know it is bugging Pen & I am very empathic (or so I am told - non verbally).

Fundamentally my life lacks a key element. Conversation. Penny is great, but sometimes I just need to talk to my friends & my family about stuff I dont want to dump on Pen. You understand (anonymous internet cloud). I live in a new area & I simply don't have regular access to people any more. This fact upsets me sometimes, especially when all I am hearing from Dad now he is here is how he needs to get home - things to do, and all I see of Penny is a frustated girl wishing her bump was a baby.

Anyway - almost at London now - signing off.


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