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Monday, November 29, 2004

Back 2 Work

Went back to work today, I am missing my family badly. I am very tired, but in a way it is nice to see my friends again. I am happy to say that Penny is doing fantastically well at being a full time Mother. It is a tremendous shock to the system when you are handed a little screaming pink thing and told to get on with it, she is meeting the challenge head on and winning (funk management speak is creaping into my blog - I truely am back at work). Penny's Mum & Dad are being a fantastic help.
Anyway, long may our family continue to get stronger. Bought him some emergency dummies today, he likes to suck the nipple of the bottle when he is full - he then looks horrified when he gets milk from it. A dummy may help him relax, we will probably hold off from giving it to him straight away, they are seen as evil by Midwives (don't ask me). Also bought him a surprise gift - Photos later I should think.



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