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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Video Mad

I love to video. Wherever I go in the world you can bet I will be clasping my faithful Sony Camcorder. It has been with me from travelling the death railway in Thailand to the top of the WTC in New York. From the great wall of China to Niagara Falls. So it is a fair assumption that this kid is going to be heavily videoed (not the birth :) )

While I still have time I plan to do a video of Me and Pen, our lives before the arrival & our future plans.

I figure it would be interesting for our family and for our kid in the future. Also he can laugh at our amusing clothing and dated internal combustion engined automobile. It's 2004 for God's sake - Where are the flying cars?

Anyway, I might make a few streaming videos for the interweb. Watch this space.



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