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Monday, October 04, 2004

Unpaid Overtime

It is getting late, I am lying down on our new carpet in our front room typing this. I am preparing for a LONG night configuring servers for my work - I don't get overtime, but I do get well paid + I get tomorrow at home with my girly :) I know, I know - this is a dad blog; well the bump is active tonight, he is wiggling around like crazy :) Sometimes I wonder if I am bothering him by tickling Penny's bump and talking rubbish - hopefully not. Oh well, not long now - NEXT MONTH as Pen keeps reminding me. Penny is getting sick of being pregant, then feels guilty about moaning, I don't blame her for getting tired, it must be very very hard. Unless I lose some weight I will soon know what it is like to lug a bump around.


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