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Tuesday, October 26, 2004


I had a really horrible dream last night.  Penny has an appointment with the doctors today, I remember when she told me yesterday that my heart leapt - "There's nothing wrong is there" I said, a little white eyed.  "No no, just a standard check-up".  I settled back down on the sofa, but evidently that statement permeated my psyche and led to my nightmare.  It was simple enough, I won't go into huge detail, it basically involved Penny telling me that the doctor had said there might be something wrong with the baby's spine.  I was so upset in the dream that it woke me up numerous times through the night, hence my eyelids are sneakily shutting whenever I am not playing attention.  I know this is normal, I guess that process of bonding has already begun.  When I first heard about "the bump" my immediate concern was; will Penny be OK at the birth.  Now I am just about equally worried about that two of them.  I guess that is the way it is going to be now, intense worry, interspersed with the odd life changing milestone as we watch him develop into our Rest Home fund (only joking Son, you need your cash for flying cars and space trousers) :) Ahh, the circle of life.



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