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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Christmas comes but half the year

I remember thinking when I heard about the bump that I can finally really appreicate Christmas at home with my very own family. It is such a wonderful time of year for children and families. BUT FOR CHRIST'S SAKE IT'S OCTOBER!!!! Every shop window has infatable santas half buried in cotton wool snow drifts, stacks of crackers & piles of puddings. Ingenious ways to sink you further into debt, buy now pay later, interest free credit, don't worry about the crippling debt just make sure little johnny gets his portable dvd player and robot dog (I actually have one of these). It has got to a point in the UK where Christmas is marketed for 3 months of the year! Let me say that again - 1/4 of the entire year dedicated to a religious holiday that less that 1% of the population actually give two hoots about. Advertising agents, marketing companies and store managers are in danger of ruining what should be a lovely holiday. I don't want to sound old before my years, but at my current tender age of 29, I can only imagine these issues will irritate me more and more. Let's follow other european examples and outlaw Christmas driven marketing until - let's say - December 1st. Anyway, that said, I am really looking forward to our first family Christmas at home in good old capitalist England.


At 12:24 PM, Blogger Steppie said...

Yeah it does really scare me when they have the Christmas decorations across from the Halloween decorations. I agree Dec. 1st, no earlier!


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