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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Thinking of a Name

Blimey this is tricky! Unless you are put in a position where you have to decide on something that may change another person's life then you probably don't appreciate the gravity of it. Or maybe I am over thinking this. For some reason I picture the seen of his first job interview, and the interviewer looks down at his notes and notices my boy's first name - the same first name as the guy who ran off with his wife the week before, consequently the interview is a disaster :) Silly - but that is the way I think - very long term. You may not like the fact - but first impressions affect your opinion of people before you know them. If someone talked about their friend - Bert, you assume, you classify, you catagorise, you file. Bert is a name that conjures up doddering old fool in baggy trousers and a knotted hanky on the head. I apologise to people called Bert, but you get the point. So this is important. Our son can't be mainstream, but he can't have the piss taken out of him.

We have narrowed it down, you can vote here. Make your choice.

You can view the results here

Penny and I love Ripley, it is an old English name. Elliot is good (for a boy). Sam is cute, and so on.


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