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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

My Current Concerns

I am sitting in a cold and LOUD server room watching my server install (slowly). So I thought I would write down things I am worried about (in no particular order):

1) Will Penny be OK giving birth?
2) Will the Kid be OK being born?
3) Will he be 100% in tact?
4) Will Penny get post natal depression after he is born?
5) Will I?
6) We we cope?
7) Will we get help & advise if we can't cope?
8) Will I EVER finish the nursery?

Pull yourself together man... I will answer my own questions....

1) Penny will be fine, she is a big strong girl, she is 100% fit.
2) Kids are born all the time, there is not reason to presume this one will have a problem.
3) We don't have any serious genetic problems in the family, he should be OK, and if there are any problems we deal with them - stop worrying about what you can't change you moron.
4) Probably not, but I will help her if she does.
5) That would be a little self indulgent would it!
6) Yes, even Chavs have kids (too many if you ask my right wing side). They may have to cut back on the lambert & butler but they seem to cope, so can I.
7) Penny's Mum and Dad live around the corner, I would have to use a big stick to stop them helping :) We are very lucky and will be fine.
8) Penny's Mum & Dad will probably get bored of my faffing around and paint it magnolia.

Ahh... that's better, these blogs are great.


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