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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Listening to the Heart Beat

I was working from home today, I have a very understanding boss (probably the best boss I have had in my career thus far). I had a x-ray appointment from an injury I got in 'Nam (Tottenham) :) Also I got to sit with Penny for her Midwife appointment and listen to the baby's heart beat and hold her hand when her blood taken (couple of armfulls this time). Everything was fine. Only now I sit here typing do I realise how lucky I am. My psuedo semi-karmic woolly liberal-like attitude toward religious belief has led my to start thinking that if I am not grateful for my good fortune then karma is going to kick my head in. So I am thankful and I plan to donate some money to child related charities once this is all behind me :) That should get my karma up. STOP IT... Anyway, I am relaxed now + I got loads of work done so the boss will be happy too. Maybe I should start my own religion, here are the rules:

1) Relax and be nice to everyone.
2) While nodding and smiling piously. Send your cheques for £100 to Christopher Gray Feel-Good Liberal Religion group.
Note: soul no longer your property, some demonic monsterism may occur in the first 2 weeks; glowing eyes, tail, horns, etc.

I think it could catch on.


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