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Monday, September 27, 2004

How did it happen to me?

One thing I have noticed about my life is that "having children" is generally something that happens to other couples. This is why it still feels... well.. a little unreal, a bit fuzzy. I turn around and see Penny sometimes and it hits me, HOLY CRAP! SHE REALLY IS PREGNANT! Not just once in a while either, this happens all the time. Am I strange? Penny and I have been together for erm.. 8, 9 years, something like that, so people have on many occasions in the past enquired as to our thoughts on parenthood; "Not in a million years" has been my quick retort, Penny would (I now know) flick a thin pained smile and wonder where is our relationship was going exactly. Don't get me wrong, I was not pushed into this. I kind of started thinking it would be fun to have a V2.0b running around. Hell it would make Christmas more interesting. And my friend's kids seem to like me...

Then I crashed the car.

This made something click into place - if I had hit that barrier a little faster then maybe we could have died or been seriously hurt. It doesn't bare thinking about. Apart from the bruising (mainly to my ego, I am not the driver I thought I was) we both walked away. We replayed the crash for days after, this apparently is normal after a traumatic event, and we came to these conclusions 1) Don't let Chris drive a rear wheel drive car in the wet at speed (that was Penny's) 2) Let's have kids (That was mine). A couple of months later and Penny is pregnant. So something good came out of that terrible day. I now have the same car, but I drive it (a tiny but) more sensibly.

So now you know how we got into this situation. It is still weird. Maybe talking to you (anonymous internet cloud) will help me understand things. Probably it will just serve to amuse my Wife, friends and colleagues when they type my name on google and find this site ;)


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